One of my favorite things that happened during SS2014 NYFW was at the Rodarte show. Some friends and I showed up early so we could get good shots and hardly anyone was taking a seat. I thought for a moment that maybe there was open seating. I walked across the room and found a space I thought would be the best seat in the house. Only one other person was sitting on the bench s I figured it would be fine to sit next to her. I told my friend “I’ll sit here, this looks perfect.” his response was “Well, you may not want to sit next to Anna Wintour.” I looked at the lady sitting on the bench and it was Anna… sitting there by herself 30 minutes before the show started, without her trademark glasses. I didn’t even recognize her. I quickly took notice that the seat was reserved for Grace Coddington who hadn’t arrived yet. Oops. My bad! At least I can spot the best seat in the house!

It made me realize how the rumors I hear (that she shows up late and that everyone holds their show for her because she is a bitch and they’re all scared of her) was not quite accurate. I mean, 10 minutes later I ran in to Bill Cunningham who is now shooting digital and wasn’t quite the kindest when I greeted him (although, to be fair, this is his busiest time working in NY and no one should interrupt him while he is hustling right now). My job is to make the images that tell a story and shape opinions, but sometimes I need to remember that my opinions may not always be accurate as well because those opinions have been shaped by someone else’s story. #LessonLearned

(And obviously I ended up moving across the room… and no, I did not bother her for a picture… like Bill, she was working)

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