palmtree-kisses-deactivated2013 I love your work, it's so inspirational and creative. I was just wondering how to really get into a modelling career. I was with a company for about 2 years but it didn't last. What are some of the main qualities you look for in a model for a photo shoot. Thank You xx

For the majority of my work I look for photogenic people (I think people sometimes forget that beauty in print is more about photogenics - some people have it, others don’t! It has nothing to do with attractiveness or beauty in the cosmic world, it’s just a special relationship with a person and the camera). Other than that, I prefer people who are open and like to play. My best work comes out when I’m the most childlike with the other people on set who share an equal unobstructed enthusiasm and interest to create. And if I were to go for a 3rd quality - I prefer subjects that are down for anything. I think something weird has happened to our society and people lost the freedom to be human… I’m always looking for people who are people and not trapped by conformity (and yes, I know we are ALL trapped byΒ conformity, but some know how to occasionally escape the prison from time to time!)

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