krstfr1 i really enjoy your work and like-mindedness as well ;) although i've been shooting a bit of events and street, i really sank heavy into fashion and candid in the past few months. being so new, i'm pretty naive of any rules i have to follow (and don't follow them all too well anyway) HOWEVER i'm beginning to get offers of jobs & i'm wondering your thoughts on such (focus, lighting esp) thanks!

I’m not sure if I could really answer that. From looking at your portfolio, I think we’re working for completely different clients with different values and different audiences. Obviously there is some overlap and I could see some simple solutions, but I don’t really have the time or space to write it all out in a public forum.

The best I could say is: Do your homework. Research, experiment and practice. Feel free to break rules, but learn a few of them first so at least you know which game you’re playing - unless you have the time, faculties and spiritual fortitude to build an economy around your own inventions. Art is forever a juried contest so keep that in mind.

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