Anonymous I've observed, studied and googled fashion Photography over the internet for the past 10 years. Your work Is Amazing, Futuristic, Cutting edge, Artistic and Inspiring. When I put you in my iphone your in the same catagory as Steven Meisel, Glen Luchford, Craid Mcdean, Chadwick Tyler, Greg Kadel, David Bellemere, David Hamilton, Michelangelo Di Baptista & Raphael Mazzucco. Do you personally know any of these guys? And am I missing Anybody?

Thank you! I’m not sure what you mean when you say you’re putting me in your iPhone  - but I really appreciate being categorized with the others!

When I came to NY I knew NO ONE but the last 3 years has been fortunate for me and I’m now friends with quite a few people who are either friends-with or work-with many of the artists you mentioned. I still haven’t shaken hands with any of those you referenced but I’d love to meet any of them (as well as a few others like Burbridge, Klein, Knight, Faena, Mert & Marcus, Sorrenti, Richardson, etc…). 

I definitely appreciate you for sharing this! I’ll continue to work hard until I’m solidly there!

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