Anonymous Anais' question is that of someone who has misinterpreted some camera for Instagram. based on her website, she has no room to ask it. I guess her lack of taste and understanding adds a second layer to the nuisance of it all as she can't allow herself to see past what she claims not to like. you shouldn't have to waste your time addressing the inquiries of people like that.

I don’t know if I’d say “she has no room to talk.” It’s a legit question and something that may be on the minds of more people. The thing is - a LOT of people think I only shoot nudes and have a hard time wrapping their minds around my body of work (or the body of work created by others with similar or different work). Fortunately she was honest and was seeking clarification.

I think a lot of people look at my work and see the images of topless models and think “that’s all he does.” That’s all they see and that’s their focus (you have to wonder why that is there focus though? Skeletons in their closet? Fear of something? Harbored anger? Insecurities? Inability to comfortably stand outside of stereotypes thrust on them? Or maybe they’re in between stages of enlightenment - they can identify the superficial but can’t identify when they’re being superficial as well?) They have some strange blinders strapped to their minds that stop them from seeing the other work I do. They don’t see the story I did on torture, the stories I did of cults, the documentary work I’ve done during Sandy, the street shots I’ve done of the people of NY, my travel photos, the portrait work, the work I’ve done with musicians, the documentation of the world of the elite, the art and craftwork I’ve done, etc… And the fact is - so far there is only ONE image in my entire portfolio that shows full frontal nudity right now. Some people notice that - others don’t.

But I DO appreciate you sending this message. Normally I would have ignored the subject but figured I’m comfortable enough with my work and my self that I could address it properly.

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