anaisangotphoto Hello Michael, I've been looking through your work and I think I don't quite understand it... So I was wondering where does this facination of taking half naked/dressed women come from ? I don't really see the beauty or the point in many of your pics. I don't want to misinterpret them so I thought I would just ask. No offence :) Happy Xmas !

Hi Anais-

Thanks for asking such a good question. This is a complicated thing so forgive me if I’m a bit short but basically: I shoot what I shoot because I enjoy the process and final product. Just as I enjoy shooting women, I also enjoy shooting stories, I enjoy making art, I enjoy taking street photos, I enjoy documenting poverty and wealth, I enjoy shooting men, I enjoy shooting musicians and celebrities and the obscure people, I enjoy making images that reflect my spirituality or my views as a human or my views as a man, I enjoy shooting projects that are controversial or subversive… I can go on and on but basically: I’m shooting what I love to shoot. I’m creating an environment that my friends and I enjoy. I’m celebrating life and discussing the topics that interest me. That’s why you’ll see images of beautiful women, but you’ll also find much more in my work. My work is only as dimensional as the viewer allows themselves to be when viewing and decoding. I understand that the world doesn’t need any of us to survive - so I’m simply using art to express my gratitude for life.

So, while some have a point, many don’t have a point other than “here is a great photo that some of us enjoy.” I’m sure you wouldn’t expect me to understand or enjoy all of your life or work, so I can respect the fact that you don’t understand or enjoy some parts of my life. But I’d hope you have the ability to look past those parts and enjoy the parts we mutually enjoy! 

Happy Holidays!

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