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#06 Cora Keegan

My sista’ from another mista’ swung by during her latest trip to NYC. Our combined ADD forces us to stray all over the place in this one. Here we chat about body fluids, sex, death, suicide, culture, fashion, advertising, spirituality and…. just listen! 

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Valentine Uhovski

Today’s podcast features Valentine Uhovski. Val is the fashion evangelist at Tumblr where he has connected art, fashion and tech. Val brings the top people together with the next wave of underground talent. 

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#04 Katerina Simonova

Katerina, Editor in Chief of Creem Magazine, swings by to talk about the magazine, politics in publications, Russian mothers, feminism, and NY interns.

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The Duncan Trussell Family Hour →

I don’t think I posted this yet on Tumblr - but you can listen to me on Duncan Trussell’s podcast here! And of course you can subscribe to my Podcast, Michael Donovan’s Walking Home, through iTunes now! 

#3: Alexandra Gjerpen

Meet Alexandra - an actress, writer and director… and my girlfriend! Alex introduces us to crowd funding, reptilians corporations, being an artist and freelancing in NY. 

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#02: Duncan Trussell

Today Duncan visits us in NY. Duncan is a comedian, buddhist and one of my favorite podcasters. Listen as he explains Magick and finding the sage. 

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#01: Jens Stoltze

Today we join Jens Stoltze, founder and editor of S Magaizine, at his office in Chinatown. Jens talks to us about photography, his roots, media, censorship, spirituality and more. 

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kyle-brown asked: Have always loved and looked up to your work thank you for being an original!

Thanks Kyle! 

BTW - I like your post about friends using filters on your photos! haha - more people need to read that! 

pamdabearr asked: I absolutely love your work.


fuckeduppassion asked: I'm from germany and a huge fan of your work Keep it on!

Thanks! I really like your tumblr!

intimidating asked: I'd love to work with you/pick your brain.

Thank you! Is that you in the pic with Stoya?

Anonymous asked: what kind of people/models do you shoot?

It’s pretty eclectic. It ranges from spiritual teachers, porn stars, comedians, actors, musicians, people on the street, and everyone else! 

As for models - I also shoot a pretty wide range there too. Sometimes I work with models who have interesting physical features (big eyes, big lips, etc…) other times I work with people who have a personality or character. I guess you could say I just shoot whoever inspires me or works for the moment! 

erotonic asked: Found you here thanks to Duncan Trussell's latest episode. That was a great conversation and this is such beautiful and diverse work!

Thanks! I have another conversation coming out with Duncan on my podcast (as soon as I get it uploaded… should be soooon!) 

My podcast is uploading now…. I’ll let you all know when it’s up! 

My podcast is uploading now…. I’ll let you all know when it’s up!