Today I spent the day with my cousin, Barry, on the reservation. Here he is after the Pow-Wow.

Jonathan lays in bed

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The reviews for my podcast on iTunes haha - I love you guys!

Anonymous Michael - love your blog....wanted to send an invite to you + Alexandra to an opening party during fashion week. Can you let me know where to send the invite? It is for the Liebeskind Berlin reopening party and we have a the Face of Berlin attending - Sven Marquardt. Hope to hear from you. Best - Elaine

Hello Elaine!
Thank you!

You can send it to my email, it’s listed here:

Val sits

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Katerina stood there

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Cora ate pizza

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Alex made art

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Today is Rebecca’s first time at an icaros ceremony where she will be drinking the South American plant medicine, ayahuasca. After a short talk with her and Petteri about time in China and Finland, we move on to talk about ayahuasca and the the state of psychedelics, medicine, and mental health in our culture. 

#06 Cora Keegan

My sista’ from another mista’ swung by during her latest trip to NYC. Our combined ADD forces us to stray all over the place in this one. Here we chat about body fluids, sex, death, suicide, culture, fashion, advertising, spirituality and…. just listen! 

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Valentine Uhovski

Today’s podcast features Valentine Uhovski. Val is the fashion evangelist at Tumblr where he has connected art, fashion and tech. Val brings the top people together with the next wave of underground talent. 

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#04 Katerina Simonova

Katerina, Editor in Chief of Creem Magazine, swings by to talk about the magazine, politics in publications, Russian mothers, feminism, and NY interns.

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The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

I don’t think I posted this yet on Tumblr - but you can listen to me on Duncan Trussell’s podcast here! And of course you can subscribe to my Podcast, Michael Donovan’s Walking Home, through iTunes now! 

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