The latest podcast is out with @kierankesner. He tells about his first assignment shooting the Ebola crisis in Liberia for WSJ, shooting in ukraine, the people, the experiences, and more. Listen in my site or iTunes!

New artwork for the podcast

The latest podcast is up! Meet Abdul Kircher. Super talented underground photographer Abdul Kircher stops by shortly after his 18th birthday. Abdul shares his experience of shooting between NYC and Berlin, working with the overlooked people in our society including the homeless, elderly, disabled, prostitutes, transvestites, drug dealers, and more. Prepare yourself for a special spirit with a huge heart! Check it out on my site, on iTunes, or right here!

David Lyle stops by to talk on Walking Home. Check it out below, on my site, or on iTunes

Kelly Mittendorf stops by to join the Walking Home Podcast! Check it out here (below), on my site, or on iTunes!

Musician, Silya Nymoen, swings by from Norway to talk. We talk about finding a shrink, having an international artist career, the music industry, creepy people, dating, aging, 1st world problems, and more! 

Listen below, on MY SITE, or on iTunes

Did you know you could walk in to any funeral home and just hang out with the dead bodies? Master retoucher and musician, Jessica Skiles swings by the East Village to chat up. I tried to pin her down on discussions about media and retouching but she wasn’t feeling it… so we ended up drinking a bottle of wine and talking about everything else happening in the world right now… her music projects in USA and Japan, death, terrorism, synesthesia, mental health, atheism, body image, relationships, and much, much, much more!

Listen here, on MY SITE or on iTunes

The latest podcast is up! tonight’s episode is with bil Brown, founder and editor of Black & Grey Magazine, poet, and artist. We talk about Culture, Identity, Buddhism, Poetry, Anarchy, and more… Check it out on MY SITE or iTUNES… or here below! 

I recently interviewed Stoya on my podcast. It’s a lighthearted conversation where she drops some wisdom. You can listen HERE or on iTunes

Tonight’s episode is out! Check out Ben Sinclair from High Maintenance HERE or on iTunes


We’re throwing it back to our Issue 09 cover story shot by Michael Donovan and styled by our Editor-In-Chief Katerina Simonova.

Barry after a powwow

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Joseph swings by

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David makes art

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